Solomon Tree

by Dancing with Ghosts

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This is a track written by Karl Robins and has an environmental/Green message. This is used as a fundraiser for the Berwick upon Tweed Constituency Green Party


The Solomon tree Karl Robins 23/03/2011

Who's that sitting on the rich man's fence, in the shadow of Lucifer's moon?
Cold winds carrying age old songs, dancing to a sinister tune.

We're not going from the top to the bottom,
But we're going from the root to the tree.
Sun and moon give light and shade...and the river runs free

Who's that waiting in mammon's temple, at the altar of envy and greed?
Spitting out life with its twisted features, Burying the common seed

Chorus ; as before

High, high, high on the mountain, Strange days by the Solomon tree
Shine on, flow like the fountain, True, so true and free.

Who's that singing with arms raised high, hoping that somebody hears?
Who's that falling into time and space, to the echoes of the passing years

Chorus : as before


released January 25, 2015
Karl Robins - guitar, cuatro and vocal
Sheree Parkinson - vocals
Andy Waterhouse - vocals
Gary Hetherington - instrumentation



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Dancing with Ghosts Berwick Upon Tweed, UK

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