The man in the hard hat

by Dancing with Ghosts



This is a 'Green' song written by Karl and presented as a download to raise funds for the local Green party. It has an ecological feel to it and is a folk-rock track


The Man in the hard-hat Karl Robins

I saw the man in the hard hat, looking down at the freeway,
Counting the numbers, making designs.
Says he's planning for the future, it's for the good of us all,
And if we don't get on this train, we'll get left behind.

Says he's working for the company, he flash a corporate smile,
Says he's walking on the right side, but it's a crooked mile.
And he looks so reasonable, with his heart on his sleeve,
He says, "Step inside this dream, I'll teach you how to believe".

We'll have to move that island, we gotta drain that sea,
We need to tear down the mountain, got to stop those streams.
We have to move the wildlife, leave not a trace,
Then we can start to make this world a better place.

He got no time for the rulebook, he make it say what he please,
Got no time for protest, "a bunch of hippies in trees".
When he lay down in the evening, he sleep the sleep of the righteous,
And when it comes to washing hands he's Pontious Pilate.


But the man in the hard hat, looking down on us all,
He's counting his days, he's heading for a fall.
No use planning for the future, if you got no heart,
Because a future built on sand will fall apart.

You never move that island, can't drain that sea,
And it's safe to say the mountain is more than you and me.
And as for the wildlife, it's getting wilder all the time,
And the judge and jury's out on this corporate crime.

Saw the man in the hard hat, looking down at the freeway,
Counting the numbers, making designs.
And if he's planning for the future, well that's so easy to say,
And if we don't stop him now we'll get left behind.


released February 23, 2015
Karl Robins, guitars and vocals
Sheree Hemingway vocals
Gary Hetherington instrumentation



all rights reserved


Dancing with Ghosts Berwick Upon Tweed, UK


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